customer loyalty

Top 4 Reasons Every Network Marketer Needs A Blog

There are compelling reasons why every network marketer needs a blog. It is not enough for a marketer to have an online presence. That could simply mean a couple of personal accounts on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. These days, almost everybody has that. But for any serious network marketer, an online presence […]

Top 5 Advantages of Using Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials rock. No two ways about that. And if you’re yet to start using customer testimonials as a major element of your small business marketing strategy, then I’ll advise you to get them going as soon as possible. That being said, I think this is the right time for me to let you know […]

4 Opportunities to Create Customer Loyalty

Creating customer loyalty is a key business activity for every small business owner. One reason is that a loyal customer is an asset to your business in diverse ways.   For example, customer loyalty helps in implementing a good marketing strategy for any kind of business. Both online and online businesses have a lot to […]

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