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5 Marketing Guarantee Phrases to Boost Sales

Offering a guarantee to customers is an important step to boost sales for a small business. However, it is not enough to just coin any phrase hoping that prospects will follow your lead. Coming up with the best guarantee phrases to accompany a sales effort is a matter of strategy. You’ve got to get it […]

5 Skills to Acquire As A Network Marketer

For every trade, there are skills to learn and apply. These skills are needed in order that the business may succeed and sustain that success over time. Network marketing is not an exception to this basic rule of business success. In many respects, the skills for business success are the same across industries. Yet still, […]

Reasons to Follow Up After Sending Sales Materials

Sending sales materials to prospects is a well-known practice among professional network marketers. This remains one effective way to begin the long (or short) journey of prospecting for new clients, distributors or team members. However, sending sales materials to people is not and can never be an end in itself. It is only a minute […]

Should You “Go for ‘No’”?

Most people in network marketing, home business and online business have been taught to ‘Go for ‘No’. This concept, as many have learned, means that you should talk to many people in an effort to grow your business. Network marketing deals with numbers. And big numbers at that! Therefore, in an effort to get more […]

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