Network Marketing

Top 4 Reasons Every Network Marketer Needs A Blog

There are compelling reasons why every network marketer needs a blog. It is not enough for a marketer to have an online presence. That could simply mean a couple of personal accounts on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. These days, almost everybody has that. But for any serious network marketer, an online presence […]

Consistency in Network Marketing is a Must

Nothing trumps consistency in network marketing. That is, if you’re looking for the best results for your business. It is those who refuse to see the value of consistency in network marketing that quickly conclude that network marketing is difficult. How committed are you to staying the course till you reap the rewards of investment […]

5 Skills to Acquire As A Network Marketer

For every trade, there are skills to learn and apply. These skills are needed in order that the business may succeed and sustain that success over time. Network marketing is not an exception to this basic rule of business success. In many respects, the skills for business success are the same across industries. Yet still, […]

How to Keep Team Members From Quitting

If you’ve been a team leader for a while, I will assume that you’re familiar with that sinking feeling when one of your team members leaves the team for no tangible reason. But wait … No tangible reason? Really? Well, there is a tangible reason for every action. More especially, if that action is about […]

Reasons to Follow Up After Sending Sales Materials

Sending sales materials to prospects is a well-known practice among professional network marketers. This remains one effective way to begin the long (or short) journey of prospecting for new clients, distributors or team members. However, sending sales materials to people is not and can never be an end in itself. It is only a minute […]

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