5 Types of Sales Material Prospects Can’t Ignore

Of the many types of sales material we are at liberty to share with our customers, there are quite a few that do the job best.

So yes, it is great to send all types of sales material to prospects. But it is the right type of sales material that will make you close that deal faster than you would ever imagine.

The question is what are the types of sales material that prospects can’t easily ignore? There are many.

That being said, a few are among the most effective sales materials leading salespeople love to give out to potential customers.

I want you to take a quick look at the below types of sales material.

When done properly, these types of sales material will get your prospects hooked. That will give you the opportunity to apply consistent action, as I referred to in an earlier post, to achieve your marketing goals.

It is now time for you to know the types of sales material prospects find difficult to turn their backs on.

1. Videos and photos displaying products

Visuals that show all aspects of the product are one of the best types of sales material to use.

Packaged products are shown from different angles. This lets the prospect see the product in full. All labels are best when shown very clearly.

One positive effect of this sales material is that it helps build trust and credibility.

2. Videos explaining how a product works

These are educational videos meant to enlighten the prospective buyer or vendor of the product.

Accurate information is key here. Exaggeration in such informational sales material may lead to short-term gain. But be aware that the long-term harm such false information may cause to your business as a whole is mostly catastrophic.

3. Videos showing user testimonials

Videos containing testimonials from satisfied users of the product are good at convincing prospects to subscribe to the sales pitch.

No one wants to try an untested product. But when they see proof that others have already used and benefited from a product, they are eager to also try it for the same benefits.

4. Audios narrating the story behind the product

Who doesn’t like a good, interesting story? Storytelling has been known for centuries to be an effective marketing tool.

Tell a story people can relate to and you’ve got them halfway. The rest of your promotional activity becomes a lot easier when you send to your prospect an audio or video telling the authentic story behind that product or service.

5. Photos showing happy customers

This can accomplish your marketing goals faster than a thousand cold calls. Because everyone wants to be happy.

That’s about the ultimate goal we all aspire to. So, use images of happy customers to motivate your prospects to desire to become part of this family of satisfied people.

It is one of the most widely used types of sales material out there.

What are you waiting for? Start using these types of sales material for best results in your home business.

5 Types of Sales Material Prospects Can’t Ignore

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