Top 4 Reasons Every Network Marketer Needs A Blog

There are compelling reasons why every network marketer needs a blog. It is not enough for a marketer to have an online presence. That could simply mean a couple of personal accounts on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

These days, almost everybody has that. But for any serious network marketer, an online presence backed by a solid foothold in the blogosphere becomes a must.

Here are the reasons why every network marketer needs a blog of their own.

1. Build your brand

Both your personal and business brands can be taken to a completely new level with a blog.

Blog posts, videos and podcasts that come with a compelling message have helped many network marketers to establish their authority online.

Now, backed by this solid online reputation, a network marketer will much more easily attract huge volumes of traffic. And don’t forget this basic fact. A high level of blog traffic amounts to greater ability to discover and recruit the right team members and customers.

2. Showcase your products

A WordPress blog, for example could be used to sell any network marketing product.

All you need is a storefront on your website. Woocommerce is definitely one of the easiest and least expensive ecommerce solutions you can use to set up an online store.

It does not really matter whether you’re hosted on Bluehost, GoDaddy, Siteground, HostGator or any other hosting platform. That being said, choosing the right web hosting company that best suits your needs could make a difference.

With a well-designed Woocommerce store, you will have one more means to market your products to a wider online marketplace.

3. Better engagement with prospects

With the right blog content, you will begin to attract a loyal audience. This could turn out to be a source of recruiting more team members.

A blog is a unique platform for connecting with clients, customers and prospects. When you learn how to use email marketing to accomplish this, it becomes a lot easier to reach out to the people that matter in your scheme of things.

Being able to motivate your followers with freebies and giveaways via a blog is definitely another key reason to use a blog to engage with both potential and existing customers.

4. Sell Affiliate Products

A good number of network marketing companies run their own affiliate programs as well.

Did you know that affiliate marketing presents another opportunity for you to make more money online? And this can be done quite easily with your own blog.

All you need to do is register your online property, your blog, and then get the links to share with your readers. Each time a member of your audience clicks on an affiliate link and moves on to purchase an item, you will instantly earn a commission.

An additional income stream is not bad for your home business, is it?


Ownership of a blog is no longer an option for all manner of home business owners. It is a must. The benefits that you stand to gain just by taking the decision to get and run a blog today are too attractive to ignore. In fact, every network marketer needs a blog today more than ever before. So go get yourself a blog as soon as practicable.

Top 4 Reasons Every Network Marketer Needs A Blog

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