Top 5 Advantages of Using Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials rock. No two ways about that. And if you’re yet to start using customer testimonials as a major element of your small business marketing strategy, then I’ll advise you to get them going as soon as possible.

That being said, I think this is the right time for me to let you know the reasons why you must start using customer testimonials.

Ready? Let’s get on with it.

1. Create credibility

Trust is key to the success of any serious marketing campaign.

Customers always want to know if someone else has ever tried your product and got the results you claim are the reason for them to try it.

Not only that. Your prospects would be interested in knowing the calibre of people who have been using the product or service to their satisfaction.

These are what will eliminate any distrust they may be harbouring. They are what will create the credibility you both want to benefit from.

You can now see why the big companies spend heavily on getting testimonials from difficult-to-get celebrities just to attest to the awesomeness of a product or service they want to put out there.

You may not have the kind of budget to recruit Kim Kardashan or Serena Williams to feature in your campaign. But that doesn’t really matter.

The everyday customers you have are still the best people to testify and give the product the credibility it needs in the eyes of the public.

2. Social proof

People want to associate with others who they consider to be doing marvelously well. They want to imitate those who appear happier, healthier and less stressed.

Everybody wants to try something that appears to be making life easier for others they see and admire and even envy.

This is the way we are wired as human beings. So take advantage of this human trait.

Use customer testimonials to give your product or service the social proof prospects are looking for. And they will thank you with their money.

3. Customer testimonials create a sense of security.

Your potential customers will always want to know how safe they are to commit themselves to that product of yours.

Nobody wants to take on too much risk. At least not with their money. And, of course, not their health and general well-being either.

The best way to break down this fear of the unknown is to present to them convincing evidence that others, just like them, have been doing great (not just fine) with your product or service.

4. Power of persuasion

If you ask me, I’ll say to you that customer testimonials are among the most powerful tools for persuading prospects to take that single most important action you need from them.

You want them to make that purchase so you can make some money, right? But unfortunately your words of persuasion alone may not count much.

Neither will the huge advertisement banners you display all over social media.

Just try featuring a couple of satisfied customers in an audio or video (or even text format) and see the miracle happen to your business.

5. Greater customer loyalty

When you feature publicly your existing customers in customer testimonials it engenders in them a feeling of self-worth, pride and belonging.

Quickly, they begin to feel a greater sense of attachment to the product that has just made them “famous”, so to speak.

Now, trust them to go out of their way to bring you more referrals. This is apart from their increased engagement with your other products and services.

And, don’t forget, their family and friends will also want to share in the new-found glory. Surely, that means more sales for the business.


Customer testimonials play a big part in the success of many marketing campaigns. If done right, they are known to offer social proof, add greater credibility to the product or service on offer and persuade prospects to take the needed purchasing action.

So step up your marketing game. Begin using customer testimonials. They will enable your small business to grow in amazing ways.

Photo by AllGo – An App on Unsplash

Top 5 Advantages of Using Customer Testimonials

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