5 Marketing Guarantee Phrases to Boost Sales

Offering a guarantee to customers is an important step to boost sales for a small business. However, it is not enough to just coin any phrase hoping that prospects will follow your lead.

Coming up with the best guarantee phrases to accompany a sales effort is a matter of strategy. You’ve got to get it right in order to enable your customers to develop some trust in your product.

I want to show you a shortlist of the most effective guarantee phrases being used out there.

What proof there is to show that these guarantee phrases are good enough? The most successful businesses all around the globe love to use them.

I want you also to try at least some of these guarantee phrases the next time you are putting together a sales or promotion strategy for your product or service.

Are you ready to discover the guarantee phrases countless marketing teams for both small and big size companies use on a daily basis?

Right then. Come with me.

Absolutely No Risk to You

You see, one reason people hesitate before making a purchase is fear. They fear that they may be taking a risk.

This risk could be financial risk or even personal risk.

Whatever it is, they need the seller to allay their fears. And this is where your super guarantee phrase, “absolutely no risk to you” comes in.

It gives the prospect enough confidence to take action and buy that product or service you are offering.

I Personally Guarantee

What else can be more reassuring to a prospect than you saying you will take personal responsibility for their safety and all that?

The truth is people are never in the mood of parting with their money that easily. Because money is mostly hard-earned.

And with rumours of unwholesome products and pandemics all over the place, people need more than a few mainstream, oft-repeated marketing phrases to calm their nerves.

Say it clearly to them you will take personal responsibility for all there is to do to ensure the safety of their money, their health, their comforts and what have you.

With this, you would have made it easier for them to decide to buy your product.

You Can’t Lose

Nobody wants to lose. We’re all born winners. At least that’s what we keep hearing these days. Whether you believe it or not, there is still one thing that no one will ever want to lose – money.

But it isn’t all about money.

People don’t want to lose their jobs too. And life? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

So let your marketing message guarantee nothing but a win for your customers. Keep telling them they are in to win rather than lose and you’re more than halfway through to making that sale successful.

100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

This one is like putting a bullet-proof armour on each one of your prospects. And they’ll love you for it! What you’re sounding in their ears is so powerful that they will be willing to trust you with their money.

Don’t worry, even if things go unpredictably bad you will not have too many coming back in shiny metallic vests to fight for a total refund.

Research has proven that for several reasons, the majority of buyers do not even remember these initial iron-clad guarantees. So it’s a safe guarantee phrase to use.

Better Than Risk-Free

It is music in any customer’s ears.

All they want is a risk-free transaction. But now you’ve started blowing their minds away.

To put it mildly, this is one of your simplest but most captivation guarantee phrases.

What you’re telling the customer is that you’ve put more than enough measures in place to guarantee the safety and soundness of their purchase. And who doesn’t want that?

Finally …

There are many other effective guarantee phrases to add to your marketing message. But remember that, you must never make them mere empty catch-phrases with no real action backing them. To me, the best guarantee to give your prospects is making sure that your product or service lives up to their expectations.

5 Marketing Guarantee Phrases to Boost Sales

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