4 Opportunities to Create Customer Loyalty

Creating customer loyalty is a key business activity for every small business owner.

One reason is that a loyal customer is an asset to your business in diverse ways.  

For example, customer loyalty helps in implementing a good marketing strategy for any kind of business.

Both online and online businesses have a lot to gain when they are able to build a band of devoted customers.

But building customer loyalty is a tricky activity. To be able to make your customers stay faithful to your business, rain or shine, you must seize even the smallest opportunity to do this.

There are countless situations where a real, business savvy individual can spot a good opportunity to create customer loyalty.

In this post, I want to point out to you some of the brightest opportunities that would have made you bring on board many loyal customers but which, somehow, you might have missed.

But not to worry. You may have missed it once or twice, but you cannot miss it again after going through the below points.

1. When a customer asks for a favour

Do you remember the last time one of your customers asked you for a favour?

For every small business operator or marketer, these are quite common.

A customer comes up to you and asks you to help them deal with a particular situation or product. They may ask you to just add a little more to the service you’re offering.

But at this time, they want that extra assistance for free.

This is an opportune moment to show them how much you care. Do something to let them know you’re the kindest guy around and you’ve got their interest at heart.

In fact, let them know that much as you want profit, you also are interested in giving of yourself as much as you can. They will stick with you forever.

2. Each time they express gratitude to you

So you’ve been doing some favours to that customer of yours. You did so; asking for nothing in return. And even when they offered to pay for that extra mile you went, you said no, it’s perfectly okay.

They got really impressed and expressed gratitude. Can you see the opportunity in there to make them stick with you, body and soul?

One way to cement customer loyalty at this moment is to tell them how much more you’re willing to keep helping them.

A bit of sermonizing here may not be out of place at all. Just make sure you do not overdo it and spoil everything.

Simply say or do something at this moment when the customer is so full of appreciation. At the end of the day, the result you’re looking for is to make the customer come to regard you as a dependable person they can always count on.

3. When a customer brings in a referral

Quickly do something to show them that you appreciate their kindness and loyalty.

The next time an existing customer goes out of their way to sign up a new client for your business, reward them appropriately.

I advise that you have a reward system in place for such outcomes. Make sure you live up to your own expectations.

You could keep this reward system a secret. In this case, you’re going to use it as a surprise gift every time a customer adds one more referral to your team.

Trust me, this is a surefire way to motivate your customers to keep doing more.

4. The next time a customer complains

There is something to pick from even the most distressing situations to create customer loyalty.

One such opportunity is when a customer complains bitterly about a product or service. This may have something to do with quality or the manner of delivery.

Whatever it is, know that you’ve got a great opportunity staring right in your face.


Start getting smart about it first. All you need to do is to turn this bad situation into your best chance to impress your customer. Here are some tips for you to create customer loyalty in these uncomfortable moments.

Offer a refund

Give an extra product or service for free

Take back the product and give them a much better one

In the most friendly and understanding tone, explain any sticky points to the angry customer.

These and many more will not only cool down tempers, they will also go a long way to building a stronger relationship with that customer.

Last word …

What I want you to know is that to create customer loyalty, the best approach is to seize very simple opportunities to let your customers know you care for them. Show them how much you love them in ways they never thought of.

Whether during the tough times or in situations where a happy customer approaches to show gratitude, there is always a good chance for any small business owner to make their customers feel special. Do this every day, and you will be building customer loyalty – one customer at a time.  

4 Opportunities to Create Customer Loyalty

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