Reasons to Follow Up After Sending Sales Materials

Sending sales materials to prospects is a well-known practice among professional network marketers.

This remains one effective way to begin the long (or short) journey of prospecting for new clients, distributors or team members.

However, sending sales materials to people is not and can never be an end in itself. It is only a minute fraction in the prospecting process.

It is necessary for you to ensure that your sales materials truly help in your effort to recruit one more team member. In addition, they should make it possible for you to complete a sale to a potential customer.

The above bring to mind the other steps to take to achieve your overall objective. One of these is a follow up.

You need to follow up …

Indeed, taking further action after sending sales materials can take different forms. I discuss the topic of the different ways to follow up in another post.

So, here, I want us to focus on why it is important that you follow up after sending sales materials.

Knowing why you need to follow up a will make you treat this activity with all the attention it deserves. That is, of course, if you really wish to succeed as a network marketer.

Here, then, are the reasons why every network marketer worth their salt must make it a point to quickly follow up after sending sales materials.

To remind the prospect

You see, that person or organization you just sent your sales materials is not yet into the business of network marketing.

They, too, have their own business to keep thinking about.

They may be so busy that they might never have even taken the time to watch that video, read that PDF document or simply look at the images of your products.

But this is not the result you were expecting when you decided to send your sales materials. Thus, you simply need to keep reminding them.

Forget about the fact that they were the ones who took the first step to approach you – thanks to your attraction marketing efforts.

They still do need a reminder from time to time.

This is why a string of follow-ups becomes necessary hours or days after you had sent the sales materials to them.

To educate them further

It is not everyone who will understand or instantly fall in love with what your sales materials are showing them.

Let’s take the situation where you sent a video sales material to someone who does not even have an app installed on their device to allow them to watch that video.

Or you enthusiastically sent a text document to someone who can hardly read and understand. There may even be the case in which your prospect doesn’t care to read anything at all.

Further, remember that people have prejudices against products or the companies that produce them. This may be due to a variety of reasons.

Clearly, all these prospects need to be enlightened further via the most appropriate methods available to you. And the best way to educate them further about your offer is to make consistent follow-ups. Do this after the initial step of sending them your sales materials.   

To beat the competition

Constant follow-ups will make your offer more compelling to that prospect . You know why?

Because there are competitors hovering around.

Every network marketer is keenly aware of this fact of the trade. True, competition is good. But it is not in the interest of your business to allow your competitors to freely take away the people you have done so much to attract.

That is why you have to keep making the necessary follow-ups.

Options available to you include pep talks, regular calls, emails, text messages and occasional personal visits. These will make your prospect begin to realize how authentic and compelling your offer is.

So there you have it

Making follow-ups after sending sales materials are a no-brainer for every serious marketer. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a network marketer or you’re involved in a different type of small business. Wherever you find yourself, learn how to make follow-ups part of your marketing strategy.

Reasons to Follow Up After Sending Sales Materials

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