How to Keep Team Members From Quitting

If you’ve been a team leader for a while, I will assume that you’re familiar with that sinking feeling when one of your team members leaves the team for no tangible reason.

But wait … No tangible reason? Really?

Well, there is a tangible reason for every action. More especially, if that action is about a member of your network downline quitting.

The fact that you cannot tell why does not mean there is no reason … and a tangible one, for that matter.

Losing a team member is painful.

So, yes, it is never a great feeling to lose a team member. You don’t want to see your team member leave, sometimes without even saying a bye.

The reason is, for a team leader in any multi-level marketing business setup, the most valuable assets are active and productive team members. Without these wonderful people, forget about your own upward movement. Not to talk of more sales and sustainable income.

I hope you now see the point for making sure that you keep team members from leaving the business.

You can now find out how to maintain your team members in your business.

Treat them with respect.

This one ought to be the most effective way to maintain team members in any business environment.

People everywhere demand to be treated as human beings. No one enjoys the situation where the person they are working with make them feel as if they were sub-human.

This is why you must treat your team members with utmost dignity. Unless you don’t care much about your own survival. The more respect you show them, the greater the likelihood that they will remain loyal to the team. The challenges you may be facing at any point in time, notwithstanding.

Be honest with them.

Transparency builds trust. And trust builds solid relationships. When you make your people believe in your integrity, you make it difficult for them to have a reason to abandon you for any other reason.

Because they know you will always have their interest at heart.

Then why is it that some team leaders continue to act so dishonestly? Well, they haven’t yet discovered this timeless truth that in business, honesty is capital.

And, such characters, though they may reap some short-term gains, by manipulating and taking advantage of the rest of the team, they invariably end up badly.

Honour your obligations to them

Do what is expected of you in order to keep team members from jumping boat prematurely. For example, allow your team members to enjoy the financial rewards of their efforts.

Avoid the temptation to short-change them out of greed.

Be the leader that you’re supposed to be. Assist, in ways you can, those members that are struggling to cope in one way or the other.

Help your downline to also hold on to the hope that, eventually, they too will reach the top.

These, and a lot more, are what you need to be doing to stop your team members from leaving.

Keep motivating them.

In both good and bad times, you cannot afford to stop motivating your team.

Remember that the business of marketing, selling products and prospecting for new clients can get terribly exhausting sometimes.

Moreover, there are many people out there who have made it their full-time job to discourage others who are already in or wish to become part of this business model.

Also, do not make the mistake of thinking that the promise of mouth-watering financial rewards is enough to keep your downline motivated.

You need to get proactive here. This is the best way to ensure that your members remain interested and active.

So how do you motivate in order to keep team members?

A few suggestions for you to consider …

  • Give them incentives. Do so both in cash and in kind any time you can afford it. Remember you do not need to break the bank to do this.

A little kind gesture here and there is enough to make your team happy to keep working with you. Because they feel appreciated for their little contributions.

  • Make them feel secure

Let your actions and utterances assure your people that their financial affairs and their aspirations for the future are in a safe place.

To sum up

Treating team members with respect, showing them that you truly care, playing your part of the game beyond expectation and making every effort to fire up your team with a good dose of motivation will go a long way to help your business grow. But more importantly, these are the things to do to keep your team from abandoning you midstream.

How to Keep Team Members From Quitting

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