Top 6 Bootstrap Small Business Marketing Ideas

It is not always easy to implement the best business marketing ideas for a startup which is running low on cash.

Sometimes, word of mouth alone may not be enough to make others come to do business with us.

This is when we need something more powerful to get the referrals we need so badly for the business to thrive.

But what else can be more powerful than word-of-mouth as a bootstrap marketing strategy? Well, I have been able to discover some other small business marketing ideas. These ideas will allow any network marketer or small business owner to acquire more leads.

Are you interested in finding additional tips for making others mention your business to prospective customers? Then I will urge you to continue reading this post.

The last two tips are so effective in bringing the right results that I would never wish it on you to miss them. This is not to say that the initial ones are less important. They, too, have brought me amazing results over the past few years.

1. Offer discounts on special occasions

When you offer discounts to potential customers on special occasions, it brings goodwill to your business. All of a sudden, everyone is talking about the business and its juicy price deals.

You can be sure that some people will go out of their way to inform or convince others to also come and enjoy the goodies. That definitely is one key to getting referrals.

2. Organize free events and invite people

This is what most free webinars like this one, for example, are meant to do.

You may as well call people in your target market to join you celebrate one special occasion or the other in your life.

The way you treat people during this time will have a far-reaching impact on the number of prospects you’ll be getting in succeeding days, weeks or even months.

So, it is a must that learn how to treat your guests well.

3. Get a blog running

These days, it is almost unthinkable to run a successful business, whether online or offline, without a functioning website with a blog to match.

This is just one of many reasons your business needs a blog.

Your blog is the most effective marketing tool for your small business. A blog, if positioned properly and managed well, will make you get referrals in droves.

Blogging promises to remain one of the major small business marketing ideas for a long time to come.

For instance, when you get your readers to share your content on popular social media platforms, information about your business and products begins to spread like wildfire.

And soon, you begin to experience fantastic results with regard to new customers or prospects.

4. Join online forums.

Actively participate the discussions going on there. Answer questions on platforms like Quora. And be sure to provide links to your business as well as other relevant information concerning your area of interest.

This is how many businesses rose from obscurity to epic stardom without spending a penny on advertisements.

5. Give to charity, freely …

It is not like when you give, you must expect something in return. It just happens to be the way things work in life. Call it the natural law of giving and receiving and you will be right.

It is a great idea to share the little you have with those who can’t even boast of that little.

When you cast your bread upon the surface of the waters, you shall surely find it after many days. This is what the good book says.

And it is true. I strongly advise that you apply giving as of your bootstrap small business marketing ideas.

Don’t forget, you still can do this despite having limited resources. A bit of creativity is all it will take to give in ways that all people with a good heart will appreciate and reciprocate.

Philanthropy is a perfect tool you can use to let others know about you and your business. Those you give to freely are prone to recommend you and your products or services to others.

They will let others know the awesome value you bring to the table, even though they haven’t directly purchased anything from you. That, simply, is the magic of using philanthropy to your advantage.

6. Work on your personal brand

Let your personal brand shine and impress those you come into contact with. And for those watching you from afar, make sure they see the light, so they can follow your bright shining star.

It is common knowledge that the way we present ourselves as small business people can either exude confidence or proclaim an atmosphere of doubt and distrust.

And when your person and office environment do the former, you will get referrals from left, right and centre.

In conclusion …

Remember that it isn’t enough to know the above small business marketing ideas. The most important thing is acting on these tips. So what are you waiting for? Get up and get going. Start taking the steps right now so you can achieve the goals for your small business.

Top 6 Bootstrap Small Business Marketing Ideas

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