7 Keys to Create a 6-Figure Income Online

In this post I’m going to show you how to create a 6-figure income online.

Have you been looking for ways to make this happen? Then I can assure you this one thing: you’ve come to the right place.

So, let’s go straight ahead to discover the keys to creating a 6-figure income online.

1. Decision!

When you truly make a decision, you will be able to create what it is that you have decided. You will start thinking and acting differently to make the decision work.

In that case, nothing will stop you! What is your goal to creating success online?

When you decide, you cut yourself from all other things. When you decide, work at it but are unable to make it, then do not stop thinking that you have failed.

You don’t want to allow yourself to quit too soon. Hope is good because it keeps you in the game but hope is not a strategy. Take action!

This is all about your mindset and knowing that if you truly want something bad enough, you will make it happen! This is most important because if your mind is not strong, you will not make it very far.

Have you decided?

2. Strategy!

Secondly, you really need to create a plan of attack that if followed will absolutely create success!

You cannot just decide to make a 6-figure income online or grow your business online without a strategy. You’ve got to get a plan.

What is your plan? One of the biggest reasons why people struggle in their network marketing or online business without success is lack of (or bad) strategy.

Going to training all day long is not a strategy. You’ve got to put in the work! You have to make sure that the work you are doing will produce results. Attack your business with strategies that work.

3. Focus!

You must not just be focused but laser focused! You may have multiple streams of income but that could mean little bits of income.

When you decide to focus on just a single one of them, that is when you can earn big!  If you want to create a BIG breakthrough, build ONE business like your life depends on it! Let that be your passion and mission.

What do you really focus on? Are you focusing on too many things? You may earn nothing. You know what happens when you try to chase two rabbits at the same time.

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4. Teamwork!

Your team will always do what you do. Do not look at your team and say ‘my team is not producing’. You have to show leadership.

Your team want to see how focused you are. Do not ever expect them to do something you are not doing.

In network marketing, you cannot create the 6-figure income online all by yourself.

Remember that your people’s success is your success. You need teamwork. To have success, you need to put in a good amount of time and energy into your team!

5. Hustle!

You have to put in the work! You have to hustle. Are you busy working but no results? Is the work you are putting in the right kind of work needed?

Go back to Step 2 and look at what you are actually doing. What if you still do not find success after hustling? Then go back to the previous steps above.

Have you decided? Do not stop before the magic happens! Do not quit too soon. Give yourself time to make success happen!

6. Consistency!

Just because you do something good for a day, week or month doesn’t mean anything unless you keep doing it, everyday!

Do not treat your business like a hobby. It’s the Compound Effect and Slight Edge that are always working either for you or against you.

It’s up to you to determine!

7. Failure!

Let failure be your friend. Welcome it when it happens. There are some failures that happen frequently:

  • After doing a video, you failed to achieve the expected engagements.
  • You put out a sales funnel and you got no sales.
  • Sometimes you spend money to run Facebook Ads and you are not converting – no sales.
  • You pushed so hard to hit a rank and you failed.

That means you failed, right? Okay. So it’s time to give up, right? Wrong!

Pay attention to this: the path to success is filled with failures, potholes, mountains, people, on the side who are taking no action, etc.

Without failure, there is no success! So do not be afraid of it. When you are able to get up, you will be stronger and ready to push on and on until you succeed.

Allow yourself to fail, but never accept to remain a failure.

Keep this in mind always. Someone who keeps failing has a real chance to eventually start earning that big income online. But you can’t become successful when you’ve declared yourself a failure.

Why are other people having huge successes? It is not the plan, the product, systems or any other thing. The only variable to success in your business is you!

Embrace the difficult moments and you will have a shift in your mindset. Then go on and take action and you will have success.

So, what do you think?

What is your key to making a 6-figure income online? Do you have any idea about other people’s keys to success online? Please, comment below.

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7 Keys to Create a 6-Figure Income Online

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