12 Smart Ways to Get Attention Online

To get attention online is the dream of every entrepreneur. In fact, attention is the currency online. If you have no attention, you have no business and no money!

What you earn from your business comes from the attention you generate. If you are not getting any attention online, you cannot impact people.

But don’t forget that attention is earned. It is not something you get simply because you deserve it.

Are you follow-worthy? Are you showing up to your audience on social media?

Always keep it in mind that you are in competition for attention. You have to fight for it and hold on to it.

Here is a sad truth. For many people who call themselves online entrepreneurs, it is getting harder by the day to get this all-important attention online.

If you happen to be that person who is looking for ideas to easily make your potential fans notice you online, then you’ve come to the right place. Because you are about to learn some of the most effective methods employed by many successful entrepreneurs who, at one point, found themselves in your current situation.

I want to teach you how you too can learn the lessons shared by these uber-successful online entrepreneurs in order to begin to get attention online.

1. Grow an audience.

If you are not growing an audience , you’re not in business. You need to grow the right audience.

To grow your people, your tribe, share the same core values, like the things you like.

If you promote your offer to people who are not interested, you’ll waste your time and stay broke. Choose your right target market.

2. Speak directly to your audience.

Speak their language and speak directly to them. If you get no response to your content, then you’re promoting the wrong content to your audience.

Every time you post, make sure that your content is engaging enough.

3. Be clear in your communication.

Make sure when you speak to your audience, it’s clear and easy for them to understand.

Read each sentence you create very well before posting. Be clear in your message. If someone reads your post and instantly understands your message ,you’ve got business going.

You have only one shot in front of your audience! Your audience will not spend time reading one post so many times just trying to understand. They will scroll away.

4. Improve your copy.

Copywriting is a skill that is worth learning. Because the right copy will help you get massive attention online. Your posts, emails, sales letters should be worth reading. A great copy is one that pulls your audience towards you with little or no extra effort from you. It keeps them engaged even long after they finished reading.

5. Make your headline inviting.

It is no use creating a headline that only you love to see and read. It may sound like music to you personally but what if your audience don’t find it attractive enough?

They will turn away, right? So give them a headline that tickles not only their mind but their imagination as well. Help them stay right there and pay attention to you.

6. Share yourself.

To grow your business online, you need to share your hopes, dreams and desires with your audience.  Letting your audience know about you creates relatability and connection.  

If you play music, bake, have kids, love traveling and adventure let your audience know. Those facts about you are usually great posts for conversations! They are a powerful tool for any entrepreneur to get attention online.

People will love to connect with you if they know a bit about you. You get the opportunity to connect with people who share similar interest and then you can bring business up.

7. Know when to share problems.

It is critical that you share your problems and challenges with your audience only when you have a solution for them.

Avoid acting like a failure or cry-baby.  Show them how you got out of the challenge. Share your story and your joy.

Remember, you do not have to share everything with them; but you need to be a bit transparent with them. This will allow them to know, like and trust you.

8. Act like you’ve already made it.

Avoid the backward mindset of waiting to get the thing before you act like it.

For instance, do not wait to have a large following before you post consistently. Do not wait to build your business to 6 figures before you feel worthy, etc.

If people are not feeling you, they’ll follow someone else. However, be careful not to lie about results you haven’t achieved yet.

9. Be ridiculously consistent.

People follow someone who is consistent. You cannot disappear entirely and still hope to keep getting attention online.

For instance, if something crops up in your life that keeps taking you away from your audience, at least do a post once in a while to let them know what’s happening.

You will agree with me that it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to post reminders like Hello, I’m in the hospital or I’m home recovering.

Keep this in mind always. It is important that even if you’re not able to show up every day, you must show up consistently.

10. Be entertaining

We all like to be entertained. So get up and bring in the passion, the sense of humour and any other form of entertainment you could create.

People don’t join your company only because of marketing. If they’re getting some real enjoyment by virtue of their association with you, they’ll be willing to give anything just to be with you.

Doing videos is one great way to show your humorous side.

11. Encourage conversation and engagement.

You need to find a way to get your fans talking. Create social media posts that sound interactive enough. Remember, it is essential that you post regularly. Invite your readers to comment freely after reading your blog posts. Where appropriate, ask questions and also ask for feedback.These are just a few of the approaches you can adopt to build more engagement online.

12. Bring in the passion and the energy.

Be crazy passionate about your business otherwise your audience would not be sure if you’ll be there tomorrow.

Make sure you continue showing up in your world for people to follow you. Your zeal must be infectious. It is always going to be your passion that enables your online audience to maintain their interest in you.

If, on the other hand, you’re not showing up for them to see you regularly, trust me, they’ll not hesitate to transfer their attention to someone else.

Last word

All I’m telling you is this. Making others notice you online, follow you and become your raving fans for a long while requires strategy and execution of specific action steps.

So stop thinking that you simply deserve and must get attention. No, you will have to earn it. When it comes to getting attention online, you have to work really hard for it.

Is it doable? Yes, it is.

12 Smart Ways to Get Attention Online

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