Top 5 Reasons Communication with a Prospect May Break Down

Communication with a prospect in network marketing is the ultimate game changer. When you get it right, you can rest assured that you’ve just got one more customer to join your team.

On the other hand, when your communication with a prospect breaks down it is a sure signal for you to go get an early shower for the day, at least.

But since no serious marketer would enjoy too many early showers in a day or even a week or month, it only makes sense to hone your communication skills in order to keep signing up as many prospects as you can.

And when you know the unhelpful habits that cause potential clients to turn their back to a network marketer, then you will know how to communicate for the right results.

I have been paying close attention to my own performance for some time now. The lessons I’ve learnt dealing with prospects are what I am going to share with you in this post.

Are you ready for my list of factors responsible for a sudden breakdown in communication with a prospect? Then come with me.

1. Show of disrespect to the prospect

No one likes being shown disrespect. That applies to your potential teammate too.

Do not therefore do these things while you communicate with them as a way of persuading them to get on board.

  • Use of abusive or obscene language
  • Cutting in rudely while they are the one speaking.
  • Finding fault with their grammar, vocabulary or sentence construction
  • Showing how you are superior to them in terms of economic, cultural or religious background
  • Saying things meant to demean their status or undermine their dignity.

2. Using complicated words and expressions

In very simple terms, communication is all about the exchange of information between two or more parties. For that matter, your chosen vocabulary and expression, must be familiar, simple and clear enough.

Anything to the contrary will push your prospect away rather than draw them closer to you.

3. Distrustful behaviour

Trust is one key building block in any human relationship. In business relationships, trust becomes even more important.

No one wants to put their hard-earned money into a business they cannot trust.

Again, no one will be willing to transact any form of business with someone whose demeanour is saying loudly “I’m a crook!, I’m a crook!!”

So try not to do the following while you communicate with someone you want to attract to join your team

  • Avoiding to answer questions or giving evasive answers to questions
  • Getting angry in the course of a conversation wtth your prospect
  • Quoting figures (money especially) inconsistently

4. Exaggeration and excessive talking

People will always prefer to deal with their fellow human beings. So stop making yourself appear to your prospect as if you were Spiderman.

If you have a bloated opinion of yourself, keep it safely back at home any time you move out to prospect for new teammates. An arrogant attitude puts people off.

Are you the type that likes talking too much and in the process overstating what you’re worth or the rewards your business promises? That could make you begin to sound unbelievable, you know.

In very clear terms, you will be putting your credibility at stake when you exaggerate figures or even facts.

The next shocking thing you might see is your prospect walking away or hanging up unexpectedly.

And, certainly, you should not be disappointed when you find it tough getting new customers.

5. Impatience

As a network marketer, your communication with your potential teammates may be suffering simply because you lack the abundant patience that is so much needed in this line of work.

Are you one of those people who get angry and start speaking harshly to your prospect when they seem to be frustrating every effort you make to reach out to them?

Well, there is nothing wrong with venting your frustrations but there is a whole lot wrong with doing so in a network marketing context.

You need the prospect, not the other way round. That is why you can’t afford to be impatient.

Remember that sometimes it may take you a whole year to finally succeed in bringing someone onto your side, so to speak.

I believe that the moment any network marketing entrepreneur identifies these loopholes in their communication strategy, they will be on the way to closing the deal with a lot more of their prospects.

What one communication strategy has worked for you so far? Share it in the comment section below.

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Top 5 Reasons Communication with a Prospect May Break Down

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