Hello and Welcome to my First Blog Post!

Hello, I’m Abigail and welcome to my first blog post!

Let me first share a little information about myself.

I hold a full-time job and engage in entrepreneurship as a part-time business. I am married and have three adorable kids! I love reading… and taking selfies.

Learning from network marketing experts

When I first entered into the network marketing industry, I realized sooner than later the need to leverage my time and efforts.

With little time left for myself, after taking care of my job and family, I quickly decided to go online to learn from the experts who have successful online businesses.

I learned many things that network marketers and home business owners are doing that are actually hurting their online presence.

I bought courses and got into some paid membership groups.

So when I first learned of the term ILT (Invest, Learn, Teach) from one of my mentors, Ray Higdon, blogging came to my mind.

So even though I’m not a professional blogger, I can assure you of valuable content for your business success as I continue to ILT.

My blog’s mission

This blog will provide education and information on issues that help solve the two main problems of network marketers and online/home businesses: generating leads and making sales.

I also intend to critically examine some popular views and ideas on social media that affect our business.

I’ve scheduled to blog at least thrice a week.

Feel free to comment on my posts. If you find value, don’t hesitate to share them to your network.

Okay, there you are, my first blog post! I look forward to the rest to follow.

Hello and Welcome to my First Blog Post!

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